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Paper Flowers

I always look for craft ideas for Miss Sophie and Little Miss Holly – I think they both will love these paper flowers. They are perfect for little hands (they might need help with the cutting and definitely with the pricking of the paper) as they can let their imagination run wild again.

I have used paint testers from the DIY store but you can use watercolours or even markers. You don’t have to be particularly careful to mix the colours as you might get some great effects by painting over already applies colours.

With these flowers, there is no right or wrong – just enjoy making them. They are useful to spruce up some boring plain gift bags or string them up as a garland. Making them bigger will create some stunning decoration for your next party… all materials are widely available. Instead of buttons, you could use any embellishment.



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DIY Birthday Cards

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This year, I am trying to send birthday cards to friends rather than just sending texts. Modern technology has let us become quite impersonal with messages on Facebook and text messages.

I have four birthdays coming up next week and thought, why not make cards – I still have a lot of cardstock and stamps at home, so it didn’t cost me anything other than the stamps to post them.

This is a very simple design but can be customized to all colours. I am using butterflies as a motive but you can use flowers etc. if you don’t have a butterfly punch.

Inserts for the cards are also easy to make if you have a printer – the internet offers loads of sayings and as long as you don’t sell your creations but use them for personal use, you can use them.