Bookmarks with Dried Flowers

Last summer, I collected and dried a lot of blossoms and greenery from my garden. The original plan was to create some art to hang on the wall but then I got the idea of making bookmarks (the main reason was that my wonderful husband has the bad habit of folding pages in a book to mark the page or to lie the books opened upside down which can weaken the spine quite a bit – he needed a bookmark). Another reason was to send a little gift to friends to cheer them up in the midst of lockdown (it is February 2021).

I love the result and added little notes with quotes on reading. I used cotton fibre paper that had little grass pieces in it. I tried silk paper first but the paper was too thin and the result was rather wobbly. This is best made with a laminating machine but when that’s not possible, you can also use clear package tape. Just cut the paper slightly smaller than the tape and you are good to go. I prefer the laminating method as it’s less messy. Just be careful, the pouches can be quote static and your little blossoms can fly off. I ran the bookmarks 3 x through the laminating machine to ensure that no air bubbles formed. When cutting the bookmarks, make sure not to cut into the seal – leave a little edge around the entire bookmark.

I added eyelets for the ribbon. That is not strictly necessary but I thought it completed the look and matched the eyelet to the ribbon used. The eyelet also strengthens the bookmark from wear and tear.

Hope you enjoy the little video and keep an eye out for more to come.

Love Elke