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Maker’s Profile: Wild Atlantic Waves

It was Culture Night in Cork City and I went to the County Hall for their advertised craft market. My friend Sabrina works in the County Hall and it is always a great way of meeting up. She had already done her round around the craft fair and pointed out Linda O’Callghan to me.

My friend Sabrina is a potterer and of course, she is always on the lookout for other clay-based crafts but she couldn’t believe her ears when she heard that Linda was using polymer clay for her beautiful creations. 30725469_296914664174832_3338589808460038144_n.jpg

Wild Atlantic Waves are beautiful pictures featuring the Wild Atlantic Coast with a golden sunset and little gems of pebbles, seashells, and sea glass. She is a seriously talented woman with a lot of patience.

But she doesn’t just make beach scenes, her miniatures are just as stunning – she makes mini cakes and you would have to look twice to see that it wasn’t edible. I can’t wait to see what Linda is coming up with next.

You can follow Linda on Facebook – she also sells her creation on Etsy.

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